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Get free shipping in the US on any order that's $200 or more!
Get free shipping in the US on any order that's $200 or more!

High Lifter Portal Wrench Tool

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Are you a hardcore mud rider who runs portals and ends up breaking an axle? Tired of having to break everything down to gain access to your broken axle? This tool will make your life easier! 

The High Lifter Portal Wrench Tool allows you to bypass removing the brake caliper, rotor, and hub when portals are installed so you can gain access to the axle end and castle nut. The wrench design allows you to slip between the rotor and the portal box to fit inside the hole where the axle nut is secured. You can then loosen the axle nut, and this will release the axle from the portal box.  When the axle nut is removed you can then pull the axle out of the backside of the portal.   

We recognized the complexity of changing out an axle and designed a new rotor that would allow for easier removal without having the Portal Wrench Tool.

Please review the below graphics to see if this Portal Wrench Tool would be compatible for your 4" or 6" portal rotor. If you have 8" portals, the Portal Wrench Tool is not needed.