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Get free shipping in the US on any order that's $200 or more!
Get free shipping in the US on any order that's $200 or more!

Portal Gear Lift 6'' General XP (4 Seater) - 45% Dual Idler Version

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  • What does the 45% Dual Idler Gear Lift offer?

    • High Lifter improved the portal design by adding a second idler gear in the gear box
    • The dual idler gears spread the load over twice as many teeth on the gear sets, which doubles the area and reduces stress by half.
    • You gain more reliable torque transfer
    • If you run a 40” tire or larger, this is the ideal gear ratio and the dual idler gears are almost a must
    • Stop burning up belts and breaking so many axles; differentials; drive shafts; snorkel gears…
    • 45% Gearing extends brake life by needing brakes less often due to greatly improved engine braking
    • Even though a lower gear ratio will get your speedometer closer to a stock reading, that is still too high a gear to offset the loss of torque caused by the larger tires. If you don’t have a need to run fast, a lower ratio performs better and give you the power you want!

    Why is this 6” kit better than our competitor?

    Forged Gear Boxes

    • Strongest boxes on the market because forging produces a tougher piece of metal
    • Forging is stronger than both cast and billet aluminum
    • Competitors use cast aluminum and billet aluminum boxes
    • These portal boxes are extremely robust and give you more worry-free miles than any other portal

    Gear Box Venting

    • Customers asked for box venting and we give you the option
    • Our box design offers a plug for venting with an optional easy to install kit that will be available soon
    • Vent kits allow an advantage of cooling which reduces early deterioration of the gaskets and seals

    Gasket Material and Design

    • High density Kevlar fiber gaskets plus no additional sealant is needed
    • Gasket material is creep resistant plus oil and coolant resistant


    • Two oil seals on the spindle shaft for 100% more sealing area
    • Dual seals prevent water intrusion and oil leaks
    • True triple seal on the input shaft which includes a wiper seal that provides a significant extra layer of protection

    Backing Plate

    • These are the strongest backing plates on the market
    • 5/16” steel plate with Bent flanges for strength and durability
    • Welded gusset brackets and designed to factory off-set
    • Works with all control arms that are built to factory hub specifications

    13” Rotor

    • Precision ground stainless steel rotors (this is a big deal for brake performance)
    • Access holes for ease of assembly and disassembly
    • Slotted rotor allows for heat dissipation and cooling

    Gear Profile

    • Alloy steel heat treating process increases overall internal and external strength
    • CNC precision ground machining ensures excellent fitment and increased strength
    • Controlled gear lapping for ease of installation and a quieter performance
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