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Get free shipping in the US on any order that's $200 or more!
Get free shipping in the US on any order that's $200 or more!

Stainless Slip-On Exhaust for 2022+ Pro R 4 Cylinder

SKU 110-1013
Original price $575.00 - Original price $795.00
Original price
$575.00 - $795.00
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    • The AA RZR Pro-R slip-on exhaust is just what your machine needs!  We set out to produce an exhaust that looks great, sounds great, has adjustable sound levels, and has a price tag that won't have your significant other screaming at you (we can't be the only ones?).  
    • Gains 8-9rwhp max/5-6rwhp peak and the motor revs much faster!
    • This exhaust sounds amazing with a nice throaty bark when fully open. Truly we believe it's one of the best sounding exhausts you'll find for the Pro-R. 
    •  Looking for the same note, but less sound?  You can actually adjust the sound with a manual cutout (stealth cap) that bolts into either one of the outlets.  This cap makes our exhaust quieter than other exhausts with a single outlet because the sound waves get trapped in the capped outlet.  Does the cap decrease airflow?  A little bit, but not a huge amount.  Sure open will flow a little better, but the single 2.5" outlet still flows a TON of air and is more than enough for whatever you throw at it.  
    • Now available with an electronic cutout option with wire harness to adjust sound on the fly without having to install or remove a quiet cap.
    • If you'd still like less sound and/or need to be spark arrested, we have a spark arrestor for the other outlet, or both outlets if you don't run the quiet cap. 
    • Much better airflow which is needed to decrease heat (especially when tuned)
    • Eliminates the stock catalytic converter providing much less engine/exhaust heat (header glow is MUCH less)
    • Sheds a huge 14lbs off your machine!
    • Fits nicely into the factory mounting location 
    • Uses top and bottom OEM rubber mounts.  Beware of exhausts that have any solid frame mounts as they will crack the head pipe!
    • Exhaust exits out the side of the vehicle.  We found the side exit to sound MUCH better and make slightly more power than a center exit exhaust.
    • Made at the AA Facility in the USA 
    • Sharp corners and outlets designed to match the RZR styling
    • Hydro blasted finish with rust inhibitor compound (yes even 304 stainless will rust in the right conditions)
    • The stainless will bronze and matches the stock header very well
    • The aluminum heat shield keeps the back of the muffler cool and looking badass with an AA graphics
    • Sound Clip:
    • Fits 2022-Up RZR Pro R 4 cylinder models 2 & 4 seat